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Can I preorder a bike?

If a bike is listed for sale and can be checked out with full payment then it is able to be shipped within a couple of weeks. If a bike is not available on our site, it is because it is sold out. We have reservation pages where you can reserve a bike for a nonrefundable deposit then pay balance when it is getting closer to shipping. You can email us and we will let you know when we have bikes available. If you want to reserve one or order custom color/features then email us and we can do that for you. We will collect your contact info, a small refundable deposit and order your bike with our next order.

Return Policy

Customers may return a bike within 30 days if it is unopened, unassembled and in new condition. Buyer is responsible for original shipping, return shipping and shipping insurance. No restocking fee will be charged by Amp Rides for new condition returns. Please email us for instructions to process a return.

 What goes into the price of a bike?

Most bikes under $2000 dollars are manufactured abroad. Many people cannot afford to spend $3-8k on a USA built model so we have to respond to consumer needs and budgets when building our bikes. Costs associated with our typical bikes are: Cost to design, advertise, manufacture, sea freight/insurance, 25% tariff on value, FedEx shipping to the customer in the USA, website checkout transaction fee 3-6% and calculated incidental warranty costs. We take all of these costs and add 8-10% to the bike for profit before discounts that we offer. For this profit we offer live phone access to us, warranty parts and shipping, quick shipping and sale of on hand bikes only as well as after sale help.

How long will it take to get my bike?

If a bike is bought on a regular inventory page then we have it in the USA. Once a purchase is made, the bike will be checked and shipping will be arranged. Due to lithium battery component we cannot drop bikes off at a FedEx location, they must be picked up by a driver certified to handle the cargo rating with the battery. Drivers will pick up as many bikes as they have room to accommodate on their truck each day. Typically, on Mondays and Tuesdays they have more room for pickup as Wednesdays to Fridays are more busy days for them. Your bike should get on a truck within five business days of ordering except during mid December to the first week of January when Christmas shipping overloads them. We are in Florida, a bike can take 1-5 days to reach your state depending on how far you are from us. If a bike is special ordered in a color/spec of the customer’s choosing then it takes approximately 12-14 weeks from order to receive. The process is four weeks to order parts, four weeks to paint/assemble/test/pack, 35-40 days at sea, USA customs 5-7 days then we receive and ship Fedex/

If I have a problem with my bike what is the process?

We build our bikes for ease of repair to avoid having to ship them back for repairs. If you contact us with an issue, we will call you and discuss the problem and then ask you to send photos/video of the situation. Typically, we will then ship you a replacement motor (entire wheel, motor, hub so you can change it in 15 minutes), controller, battery or other part. We will then instruct you on how to swap out these plug and play components. About 1% of the time a bike cannot be diagnosed this way and then we will send you a prepaid label to ship the bike back and will send you a new bike. You will not pay any shipping for warranty issues. If you receive the bike and change your mind within 30 days and have not assembled the bike you can pay to return the bike to us and we will refund you upon receipt.

Can I pick my bike up locally?

Please contact us if you live in the Orlando or Miami area or are willing to drive to those areas and we can check our inventory against the bike/color/features you want and let you know where you can pick up to get your bike without waiting for shipping.  We will be opening a store with hours by appointment in May/June 2021 in Orlando, FL.


Do you carry other style bikes?

We currently carry retro cruisers (Night Prowler/Mini Night Prowler), trikes and folding fat tire bikes. We have to build our bikes in quantity to list them on our site but we can add a model that we have the concept for to our order for a customer, please contact us for pricing and choices. We will charge you the full amount of the custom order bike you want and then notify you when your bike is built and arrives.

Do you pay reviewers to review your bikes?

We have a bare bones marketing strategy to keep our prices low to the customer. With flashy video/marketing campaigns averaging $25-40k, we chose to not do that and add $100-200 to a bike price, which saves the buyer money. We do not pay people to review our bikes. We do contact known reviewers to ask them if they will review our bike. If they agree, we send them a bike to review and provide customers with three videos. These videos encompass subjects such as unpacking, setting bike up, features review, first ride and subsequent experiences with the bike. Since these reviewers are known for reviewing bikes they have comparative experience to analyze the bike and let consumers know the good and bad points. We do not control the narrative and accept their reviews at face value. We will adapt our bikes if we find a common shortcoming in reviews as we want to sell bikes that provide a positive experience for riders. We grow our business organically by using word of mouth, social media, rider experiences and community discussion.

The quality brands we use for components, transparency and warranty generates positive feedback and we rely on customers and reviewers to grade us on our products without paying people to feed information to the public with bias. We are always looking for new reviewers with experience to send a bike to so they can provide videos and feedback to the public, please contact us if you know a good reviewer.

I would like to sell your bikes in my store in the USA or another country, is that an option?

We are trying to get our bikes in other countries and local stores so people can access them, please contact us if you are interested in our bikes and we can help you with pricing and import/shipping to your area.

Are your seats comfortable?

A common theme is that stock bike seats need replacement half the time. We use stock seats that work for some people but do not upgrade the seat as this adds $40-70 to the bike cost. A bike seat is a custom choice that varies depending on your posture, weight and personal expectations from a seat. Professional bicyclists use very thin, hard seats on one end of the spectrum and leisure riders will buy 12” wide dual cushion seats with springs sometimes. We are not able to find a general consensus on this so we provide a basic seat and keep the price low so you can upgrade if you want. Seats and helmets are very customer specific items in biking.


Do you offer discounts?

We try to offer our bikes at the lowest price point we can so you do not need to find secret discounts.

  • We offer 5% off to teachers, law enforcement, military, veterans, nurses/doctors and emergency responders, email us with your identification for code prior to checkout. If you are reserving a bike then pay the reservation fee and email us after checkout with a photo of your ID and we will adjust your final invoice.

  • $150 in accessories of your choice on the purchase of two bike packages, please use code 150PAIR for this discount.

  • Other incidental codes are provided to reviewers to share with their customers for a discount on accessories added to a bike purchase if they choose to share with their subscribers.

  • Fleet purchases for government, rental bike companies, security companies, parks and other entities are offered, please email us with your needs and we will give you a package deal.

    How do I know you will honor your warranty?

    Many dealers are popping up and selling a few bikes then disappearing with not customer service or after sales service. We are a licensed corporation in the State of Florida and insured. By being licensed and insured we provide customers peace of mind that they are dealing with a company that is established and customers have the recourse to pursue us legally if we do not fulfill our commitments as advertised. Please email us if you would like to verify our license or insurance policy and we will gladly email you the documents.


What Class are your bikes?

  • All of our bikes are shipped Class 2, 750W or less with max 20 mph. It is not the responsibility of Amp Rides to dictate what owners do after they receive bikes. There are modifications that owners can do on their own, at their own risk, that will increase power of motors and speed. Amp Rides assumes no responsibility for modifications made by owners after receiving bikes. Our bikes are designed to comply with state laws in the USA and are shipped as Class 2, 20 mph, under 750w by the factory.


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